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We’ve all heard it.  “Beauty comes from within.”  But with round-the-clock communication, 24/7 jobs, demands from friends and family our “within” can look more like a stress ball, than a portrait of style and elegance.  Here are 7 ways to relieve tension without breaking the bank.  We can already see your inner glow.

1. Cry

Sometimes all you need is a good cry.  The physical and emotional release can get you from frazzled to zen in just a short time.  Don’t know how to cry on demand like Hollywood’s leading ladies?  No worries.  Buy a box of tissues and Netflix a tearjerker.  Terms of Endearment, The Notebook or Sophie’s Choice will have you balling in no time.


2. Disconnect

There is no escaping it.  We live in an age of constant communication.  The tethers of social media, texts and e-mails can easily make you feel suffocated one Grumpy Cat post at a time.  But here’s a secret.  It’s okay to power off.  Make a tech-free date with yourself one hour each week.  During that hour, channel your inner Luddite, reach for your favorite magazine and enjoy the freedom from your Twitter feed.

3. Splurge

A gift to yourself can be the perfect pick-me-up.  Warning: refrain from spending a month’s salary on the new thigh high suede Pucci boots!  That will not alleviate your financial woes.  Instead, give yourself a budget of $20 to splurge on flowers, a new scarf or a pretty new shade of lipstick.

4. Hike

Everyone wants a rockin’ beach bod.  But when you’re tired and stressed, a grueling hour of bootcamp can leave you even more wiped out.  Instead of an intense workout, go for a leisurely hike or a bike ride.  You’ll burn calories, get a good sweat and feel revitalized.

5. Treat

A pedicure is always a nice treat.  On your most anxiety-ridden weeks, upgrade the normal foot rub to a 10-minute massage.  Now that is what we call a spa-ahhhh treatment.

6. Dance

Just dance.  Crank up the radio and groove to some tunes in the privacy of your room.  Twenty minutes of your best cha cha later, you will feel invigorated.  Come on world.  Bring it.

7. Meditate

A quick and easy way to relieve anxiety, tension and worry is mediation.  It is calming and clears the mind.  Whether you close your eyes and count to 100 or take a Tai Chi class, the emotional and physical benefits will immediately be experienced.IMG_8094 termsx

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  1. Oh my god! I’m so glad I have found your blog! I love it! If I would be a man I would have exectly your kind of style! But I’m a girl… and I just can’t find a style that I really like :( Do you know any other blog with a nice style? You are beautiful!

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