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Hey guys what’s up? :D
Finally in Sardegna for some holiday! And I’m already Red! :D
This is one of my favorite kind of summer outfits, baggy trousers, baggy t-shirt and a long super light scarf when it gets a bit colder in the evening, or maybe if you’re going out on a boat!

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I’m wearing my Ray-Ban , Black Trousers, light scarf, white tshirt

Ciao a tutti ragazzi come andiamo??
Io finalmente sono in Sardegna per un po di relax, e devo dire che già sono rosso come un’aragosta!!:D
Questo è uno dei miei outfit preferiti da Mare, pantaloni super larghi presi al mercato, t-shirt super large e una sciarpettina leggera leggera se dovesse tirare un po di vento in barca oppure la sera quando fà fresco, e ovviamente i miei ray ban che non passano mai di moda (Club Master)

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I’m wearing my Ray-Ban , Black Trouserslight scarf, white tshirt


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  1. Hi ..would you please give a place where we can buy a male scarf and trousers,because the link below are for female clothes…..unless you are not wearing the same female things….which i doubt !!!! Thank you…..

  2. as far as i can see the scarf and the trousers are for females -so can u give us other option form where we can buy the things

    thank u

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