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since I constantly renovate my house, I decided to write this new blog section to help you to improve your home’s style, if you like to do it MDV way! So, here’s my design tips to renovate your home!

A wonderful housed is studied in great details! So don’t underestimates details like radiators, since they can turn into the most stylish home decoration!

For my house I chose Tubes Radiatori. In the designer heating element production segment, Tubes Radiatori is the evolution of an entrepreneurial concern that boasts over thirty years of experience in heating and plumbing installations. Today, thanks to this research and development activity, the radiator has been reinterpreted by internationally acclaimed designers to become a part of the architectural structure, featuring a strong personality and decorative ability thanks to its modularity and customisation possibilities, while guaranteeing superior functional standards.

HERE, THE RADIATORS I chose for renovating my home:


Rift is a new radiator with a minimalist elegance. It’s made up of two different extrusion modules which can be combined to make up compositions which fit perfectly into any architectural space.

“It breaks the mould owing to the greater flexibility of the radiator composition, playing on the horizontal and vertical aspects of the modules. Their “movement” thereby makes it possible to achieve more dynamic and contemporary styling-functional solutions.”

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini


The latest Soho evolution is the new bathroom version with a special handle  which performs the function of heated towel rail and can be positioned freely at any radiator height.

“The creative concept plays with essential lines and forms. Minimal elegance and aesthetic balance are the note that qualify the Soho line, and make it transverse and perfectly aligned to interior architecture of modern Concept”.

Roberto+Ludovica Palomba


Montecarlo manages to compromise between the traditional concept of the heating element, in which the technical part coincides with the aesthetic.

“Objects of desire make us want to use them again and again. They are designed to cosset our daily rituals from January to December with a new sense of luxury”.

Peter Jamieson


Scaletta is a new radiator concept intended mainly as heating which is also a design object in any room it is placed in. Scaletta is a immediately accessible, iconic object which exists in everyone’s imagination.

“This heating ‘ladder’ is an object that that I have long desired for my own home and thus I think it responds to one of the first questions which can be asked of a new design object”.

Elisa Giovannoni

You can take a look to Tubes official website for more design ideas!

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