Interior design doesn’t just mean matching colors and picking the right furniture: there’s an entire world to discover! You got to embrace the space and get the best out of it in terms of aesthetic, but also keeping in mind functionality.

Every year trends come and go. Find here some home decor ideas that you need to be prepared in 2019!



This word refers to the affinity of human beings with the natural world. In interior design it translates into the use of organic materials, to bring nature from outside to indoor spaces. Wood comes first, as it never goes out of style, and it can be mixed with other materials such as stone or natural elements like plants or grass wall, if you want to go estreme. Another biophilia essential is lots of daylight.



After dominating years of home decor trends, minimalism in now going through a downfall phase. Grays and solid colors are being replaced by bright colors and graphic patterns. This time more-is-more philosofy definitely prevails. In the end, these spaces are fabulous and unique, without any doubts they are made to suprise.



This trend is what you would expect from an actor’s or musician’s house. It’s made for travellers and all those people with an artistic soul. It’s made of layer fun textures and prints to create a bohemian atmosphere. Unconventional is the key-word: these houses are full of life, culture and interesting items from the world, each of them with a story to tell.



Apparently black is the new black, as interior designers think it’s the perfect colour (or better not a color) for bold and elegant bathrooms. Dark colours are used to really create a rich and inviting space. Total black look gives a sophisticated vibe to the room, plus dark interiors are always on trend.



For those who don’t see black as charming as others do, don’t worry because another trend is there for you. Call it 90% white 10% colour. It gives a fresh and youthful look. White is the prevailing color, with delicate hues and pastel shades. This trend is very fascinating and shabby-chic details are the best with this style.










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