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I want to start with this picture, because there are a lot of things i like on this one, and there are three styles i actually really like.

The first one on the left: of course is classy and of course you never go wrong with that if you have to go out  for dinner with a girl!
Middle: My favorite couse it has a lot of elegance with a little touch of summer witch makes everything so casual. And also so easy to make.
Right: Nice and classic skinny jeans and Beatles shoes witch i like under those jeans, and nice jacket, kind of a trench without the belt.

By the way guys what i want to do here, is just show you the way I like people to be dressed, in this way i want to give you maybe some suggestion, or maybe you can give it to me why not. Hope I made the point and you liked. Peace



  1. I think you make your point pretty well. And I love your style philosophy. You definitely don’t need to be rich to have style. It’s an attitude. I always see fashion in terms of this: your body is a canvas and your clothes, accessories etc is the paint or pencils you use to sketch out your patining/vision and express your personality.

    I know some people think that if you like fashion, you are superficial or what not and sometimes look down upon it but it’s all about expression to me and it’s fun to create a look for a moment. Why not? And nowadays a lot of style has been lost because of wanting to look casual 24/7. And it’s good to be comfy but you can be stylish and comfortable. One doesn’t necessarily elimante the other.

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