How are you guys?

I’m in that sort of busy-but-exciting period between the fashion season and…the next season fashion season… yep, fashion industry never stop. But that’s the beauty of it, right?

By the way, my suggestion for SALE month is to focus on the right investments to not empty your bank account (it’s a common ability dude, did you know that there are specialist clinics for compulsive shopping?). Focus on the right things: you don’t need to knock over a cheap shop that becomes cheaper during sales. Take advantage from sale investing in one/two products that, in this moment, are collecting dust in your web cart, the wish list definitely-too-expensive that during sales is not-that-expensive, even if good things obviously cannot be discounted too much: think about it, to do a simple t-shirt without exploiting underpaid workers across some remote corner on the planet, you are paying a lot of persons. Fashion designers, layout&pattern designers, taylors, shippers and a large scale of workers: how to do it with a 5 dollars t-shirt?

SALE TIP: Focus on the right investments to not empty your bank account. Invest on one/two iconic pieces.

Nohow offers sale up to -70%, so I made a smart selection of the best iconic pieces to shop smartly during sales, definitely the best investment you can do.

Let me know what do you think about this selection, and remember: you can shop them here, clicking over the buy buttons.

Much love



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