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Hello my friends!

As always I want to know how are you guys doing! I talk with a lot of you on Instagram and Facebook, but some of you are
not there, so I’ll ask you here. I’ve had a period in my life that I was in love with my skateboard. Then I quitted after a bad accident,
but sometimes I still enjoy some skateboarding days with my friends, maybe in the lunch time, just an excuse to hang out together, but it’s fun.
And it’s funny because sometimes most of us are working so we meet up for skating all dressed up, and we laugh about it.
And this is an example which is actually cool. Definitely a street style look.
Hope you like this outfit. All the photos are by Jimmy Andersson

I’m wearing:
All Stars – Camouflage shoes // Aglini shirt // Nelly suit // Cool skateboard // Camouflage belt – nelly

Mariano Di Vaio

Ciao Ragazzi!
Come state? So che molti di voi stanno benissimo e si stanno godendo i primi raggi di sole, ho avuto modo di leggere i vostri commentis u Facebook e Instagram, a alcuni di voi non lo hanno quindi ve lo chiedo anche qui? :D
Non sò se a voi è capitato, ma nella mia giovane età adoravo andare con lo skateboard, il così detto Skate time, come ogni vero ragazzino ribelle deve fare, ma poi mi ci sono appassionato davvero, fin quando non mi sono fatto la bua! Al che ho deciso che era il caso di darci un taglio, però fortunatamente a me ed ai miei amici è rimasto il buon vizio di incontrarci ogni tanto con la scusa di fare una bella “skaitata” per stare un pò insieme, magari in pausa pranzo dal lavoro, dove ci ritroviamo vestiti di erto non da skateboard! E questo ne è un esempio!:)

Spero vi piaccia il look!
Un abbraccio
Tutte le foto sono di  Jimmy Andersson

I’m wearing:
All Stars – Camouflage shoes // Aglini shirt // Nelly suit // Cool skateboard // Camouflage belt – nelly




  1. Hi Marino ,your eight picture is very good and your style too :)
    after long time at the computer and work on my architectural project I like to look at your blog.
    largest kiss from Serbia.

  2. Hi, I’m fine thank you. Hope u are too! :)

    I love how you have mixed the fancy costume with the skateboard. It really is a street style look like you said.

    Btw. I noticed that the photographer is from Sweden, same as me :) Always fun to see people with the same nationality make it out in the world. Especially from little Sweden.

    Lots of hugs, Madeleine

  3. You are a playful businessman! Business on top (with the suit) but the bottom is all fun! Your pictures are always great and I hope to see them in GQ or Details one day.

  4. Cool outfit. Grey and blue is such a chic combo. I like how you are skateboarding and how you are dressed up (it does look fun) – I have never skateboarded in my life. Believe it or not. Maybe I will try it now, while dressed up? :) Oh, and the camouflage sneakers is such an awesome touch to the outfit!

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