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Here you go with some cool street style pictures by the superb and great friend @Eleonora Sebastiani for MdvStyle.com
Hope you love them, this is just a bit of what we’ve got in store! ;)

Street Style MFW13 – Girl’s corner

Peace out  Mdv Street Style News Jaiperdumaveste-JPMV-Nabile-Streetstyle-Mariano-Di-Vaio-Patricia-Manfield-Women-Fashionweek-Milan-Spring-Summer-20141

1375266_441866269264870_1950581000_n IMG_6369 IMG_6389 IMG_6302 IMG_6242 IMG_6380 IMG_6602 IMG_6594 IMG_6593 IMG_6587 IMG_6583 IMG_6576 IMG_6567 IMG_6560 IMG_6557 IMG_6540 IMG_6511 IMG_6506 IMG_6499 IMG_6488 IMG_6474 IMG_6456 IMG_6449 IMG_6445 IMG_6436 IMG_6432 IMG_6427 IMG_6419 IMG_6403 IMG_6384 IMG_6371 IMG_6327 IMG_6312 IMG_6277 IMG_6260 IMG_6258 IMG_6232 IMG_6224 IMG_6217 IMG_6212 IMG_6199 IMG_6181


  1. Hello,

    All these pictures are fab and i love them all. I was wondering if you could let me know where that suit is from that you are wearing the yellow shoes with! IT IS AMAZING! i love it so much!



  2. Thank you to have created a “girl corner”!
    Don’t hesitate to put more great things inside please.
    I have a question for you:
    Which model girl is for you one the best or simply your favourite one according with her style and carism? OR in an other way, the one you consider as you but in woman?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    I really like to follow you.

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