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Hey guys what’s up?!?!?!
I’m in Sardegna at Forte Village, one of the best places I’ve been to this year, I’m here with some friends and we are loving it soooo much, there is so many things to do!
It finally feels like summer, and you can tell it from my clothes as well right? My acquamarina bracelet by Nuance already gives the summer feeling itself, then My “Sampei” hat as well with my lino shirt makes the outfit so fresh, but think about this for a second, you always think about summer with colors and eccentric clothes, but don’t forget that a black jeans is never a wrong choice, I mean you should always bring one in your luggage, and better if it’s a pair of MONOCROME Jeans, so comfortable and stylish because minimalistic in the design and really well made.
Well this was basically my outfit:

Bracelet: Nuance
Jeans: Monocrom Jeans
Shirt: Pegaston
Hat: Stetson
Wallet Chain: Mdvjewels
Espadrilles: Manebì

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