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hahaah I mean, not because it’s mine, but guys I love this Vespa!
This is how you can be “special, classy, vintage”, but modern at the same time!
What to say seriously, I guess clothes are just unseen because of the shining beauty of this diamond, but I’m wearing
Green Adidas I’ve bought in barcelona, Scotch & Soda bag, E. Zegna suit, Casio watch, H&M tshirt.
This “Camouflage Vespa” is my son, I’ve made it all with my hands, spot by spot and I’m so proud of it!
I mean seriously i painted it!

Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Wish you a good week, talk to you tomorrow!
Photo  by  Eleonora Sebastiani


Bhè ceh dire?
Penso che i capi che indosso passino in secondo piano, abbagliati dallo splendore di questa vespa!
Sappiate che l’ho fatta io con le mie manine! Macchia dopo macchia, con tanta pazienza!

Giusto per la cronaca indosso
Adidas: Reviewed Adida Gazzella – E. Zegna suit. – H&M Tees – Gold Casio watch – Piaggio Vespa !

Un abbraccio a tutti e frà un paio di giorni un nuovo post, ma ogni giorno ci sono piccole tips sulle varie pagine “Details” “Hairstyle” “EverydayOutfit



  1. Your “son” is awesome. Great job painting it! The look is great and I especially like the t-shirt because it reminds me of the “Day of the Dead” skulls from Mexico.

  2. God, that Vespa is amazing! I love scooters so much and that one is quiet a gem you have for yourself. Be safe on it!


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  4. Bellissima vespa!
    Ma hai attaccato le macchie sul fondo verde oppure è un’ unica pellicola?
    Se è così, puoi mandarmi il disegno visto che l hai fatto tu?

  5. Mariano I don’t know why my comments are not published 3 times in a row on this theme because the only thing I want from You is to send me pictures of Your Vespa from 4 angles (front, back, left, right). If I’m asking too much don’t publishe even this comment.

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