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To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about.

-Luciano Barbera

When I think about coats, sophistication is the word that comes to mind. Maybe because this garment reminds me of a gentleman: my grandfather. When I was child, my grandfather used to wear a boiled wood coat, and I can assure you that he was the most elegant man in the world, at least for me, a young boy that was learning what elegance was about.

I think that’s the reason why the coat is my favorite outerwear, and that’s the reason why I reserved to this garment a whole section on nohowstyle.com. Every year I select the best coats for Nohow – I actually design some of them personally.
The result is a selection of made in Italy coats collection made with the best wools and fabrics.

Take a look to the Nohow coats collection scrolling down this page, and let me know what do you think about this amazing garment and winter trend.


Essere notato senza cercare di essere notato, questa è eleganza.

Luciano Barbera

Quando penso ai cappotti, “raffinatezza” è la parola che mi viene in mente. Forse perché questo capo d’abbigliamento mi ricorda un vero gentleman: mio nonno. Ero solo un bambino, ma ricordo perfettamente mio nonno indossare il suo cappotto in lana cotta, meravigliando quel bambino per la sua straordinaria eleganza. Ecco, agli occhi di quel bambino che stava imparando cosa fosse l’eleganza, quell’uomo era decisamente l’uomo più elegante del mondo.

Credo sia questa la ragione per cui il cappotto è tutt’ora il mio capospalla preferito, e questa è la ragione per cui su nohowstyle.com vi è dedicata un’intera sezione. Ogni anno seleziono i migliori cappotti per Nohow -alcuni dei quali disegno personalmente.
Il risultato è una selezione di capi made in Italy, una collezione di cappotti composti da lane e tessuti di prima qualità.

Dai un’occhiata alla collezione di Nohow qui sotto, e fammi sapere cosa ne pensi di questo capo iconico.


  1. I absolutely hate winter but where I live there’s no avoiding it, so that said I dress warm & the main function of a coat is to first keep you warm & second to look good. I must say that all of these coat’s look great, you of all people do have great style & taste in everything. I would like to wish you , Eleonora & your new born son a very merry Christmas & happy holiday’s & also to all of your family in the coming week’s. Be safe & be well & keep up the great work all the best, Rich in Michigan.

  2. Opening the Mdv sit every day to hope I can get the unban coat. Love that coat and it out of stock. Hope to get one and love the design clothing.

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